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MH – Mississippi

“I have studied this magnificent achievement. The research in this book shames us all in its encyclopedic detail. It gets white Felders and black Felders in a format that should be precedent setting. I sent an announcement without any authority to urge others to look for the book.”

MJ – South Carolina

“Frankie Felder tells her story as if she were sitting on your front porch sharing a glass of iced tea. . . . OURstory introduces a different perspective from what we have been traditionally taught by historians about the lives of African Americans. I recommend this book for its honest approach to the heritage of the remarkable Felder family.”

RB – Kansas

“It’s 1 a.m.! Why can’t I put the __ book down?!” RB – Kansas

PG – Pennsylvania

“This is a great read to inspire amateur genealogists and history buffs. It inspired me to renew my search for my great-great-grandparents, and I found them!”

GW – Florida

“Informative, well-written and fact based this book gave me a new interest in history . . . and I don’t like history! This book brought smiles and tears and insight into some historical facts not taught in my American history schooling, and I dare to say, not in yours either.” 

VB – South Carolina

“This book does us all a real favor, particularly to the history profession . . . of documenting Frankie’s family history, and in this book, Frankie creates community and studies community. . . . It’s an inspirational book also . . . she has documented the triumph of the human spirit – the creativity and the ability to make a way out of no way.” 

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